L.A.'s own Black Flamingo visited us at Eliphante this month. Here's some of what band member Kimi Recor had to say on her blog:
"[W]e went to the most magical place in the world. Eliphante.

Eliphante is an artistic village built by primarily by Michael Kahn & Leda Livant Kahn over a span of 30 years. It’s filled with magic, art installations, and its basically where we all want to move and stay forever." +>-

Even more exciting is that her blog is often picked up by AOL's StyleList, a web presence that covers celebrity style.

Verbo•bala explores border identity through nuanced storytelling and digital media, creating performance pieces composed of bilingual poetry, live video projection and sound design.

Eliphante, Cornville, AZ May 8th, 2011 from Emmett White on Vimeo.

Midas Furson et co getting down on the astro-turf at Eliphante. This place is amazing! Make the time to visit.
Video by Emmett White, Music by Verbo-bala.

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