Weatherhouse made it to Eliphante this last week of Giving Thanks. Yes, we needed a whole week to share our dearest regards for the things, people and places we all love dearly. To celebrate in unique fashion, Weatherhouse composed and produced a new track and we collectively spontaneously created a music video to debut this monumental jam.
Help Eliphante this November! Make a daily visit to the Refresh Eliphante site or text 109937 to 73774 and you'll cast a vote for Eliphante to be awarded a grant! Top 10 +1 at the end of the month gets funded!

You can even vote twice a day by both voting online & texting!

Download our card sheet by clicking the image above, then share and remind your friends!


November 1, 2011

Cornville, AZ

We NEED your Vote - in the Pepsi RefreshEverything Challenge - Today and Everyday during the month of NOVEMBER for Eliphante of Cornville!
Eliphante is a 3-acre extraordinary beautiful walkable sculpture-garden right here in Cornville, Arizona!  It has enriched the lives of many people over the last 30 years and we hope to secure that potential for the next 30! This 501(c)(3) non-profit organization known as  Eliphante, Ltd., is focused on preserving this magical environment and works of art by Michael Kahn and Leda Livant, through the purchase of the land on which this art sits.
Eliphante Limited can buy the land - but only with YOUR help -  make this a reality by voting RefreshEverything today and everyday this month. It can't happen without you - Eliphante needs your VOTES  to secure this grant and preserve this inspiring installation. Help share Eliphante with the world!
The Pepsi RefreshEverything Grant is awarded by popular vote. Spending less than a minute every day this month and casting votes for Eliphante will make a world of difference!
Here's how to vote:

Text 109937 to 73774
Signup to Vote @

You can even vote TWICE A DAY by voting once on-line and once by text! Please HELP US TODAY! Polls are open NOW. All you need do is vote for Eliphante everyday during the month of NOVEMBER! Just think 'Eliphante Every Day!'

Eliphante Limited
PO Box 971 Cornville, AZ 86325
(928) 634-2687