A BIG congratulations to Paul & Cathy Gazda, of Sedona, AZ, on their winning an original pastel painting by the late Michael Kahn. Entrants submitted their raffle tickets by June 15 and the drawing was held on July 1st. 

We'd like to thank you to all who entered, and we'd like to share that we had a great success with this fund raiser, bringing in exactly $3,000 toward the preservation and restoration of Eliphante!

If you or someone you know is a fine art lover, collector or appreciator, let them know about Eliphante's Art Raffles, as there are sure to be more to come with other Eliphante originals, and works of other artists who support Eliphante.


Eliphante, Ltd., - a 501(c)(3) - PO Box 971, Cornville, AZ 86325
Contact: info@eliphante.org

Fine Art Raffle for the Preservation & Restoration of Eliphante

Eliphante, Ltd., a volunteer-based non-profit working to preserve an extraordinary artist's compound in Cornville, is offering for raffle an original pastel painting by late artist & builder of Eliphante, Michael Kahn.  Eliphante–a beautifully hand-sculpted artistic wonderland in the Verde Valley on the banks of Oak Creek– was built from found and recycled materials in quirky and eccentric fashion. Over its more than 30 years under the Arizona sun, Eliphante's various buildings are falling into disrepair and in need of your support to save this unique and inspirational home of an artistic couple. "After Mike's death, it became difficult for me to remain there without him. But in these last few years, I have become happily reconnected with Eliphante and its present leadership.  Their combined creativity, love and energy for Eliphante, and for Michael's art, would please all of you," shares Leda Kahn, Michael's widow and co-creator of Eliphante.

The pastel painting is an abstract (as pictured here) measuring approx. 10" x 17", matted and framed with glass (frame approx. 17" x 24") – a gallery value of $800. Raffle tickets may be purchased for $25 each or five for $100. Entries must be returned by June 15th, as the drawing will be held July 1st.  While there will be only one winner of the pastel, you will all be winners by virtue of your help to  Eliphante.

To request an entry into this fine art raffle or to get more information about Eliphante's preservation and restoration efforts, visit this organization online at: www.eliphante.org or email info@eliphante.org.
L.A.'s own Black Flamingo visited us at Eliphante this month. Here's some of what band member Kimi Recor had to say on her blog:
"[W]e went to the most magical place in the world. Eliphante.

Eliphante is an artistic village built by primarily by Michael Kahn & Leda Livant Kahn over a span of 30 years. It’s filled with magic, art installations, and its basically where we all want to move and stay forever." +>-

Even more exciting is that her blog is often picked up by AOL's StyleList, a web presence that covers celebrity style.

Verbo•bala explores border identity through nuanced storytelling and digital media, creating performance pieces composed of bilingual poetry, live video projection and sound design.

Eliphante, Cornville, AZ May 8th, 2011 from Emmett White on Vimeo.

Midas Furson et co getting down on the astro-turf at Eliphante. This place is amazing! Make the time to visit.
Video by Emmett White, Music by Verbo-bala.

Visit Emtronica.com or Verbobala.com for more awesomeness!

Eliphante: Cornville's Surprising Art Installation

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This amazing site-specific art form is the 20-plus year work of Michael Kahn and Leda Livant along with scores of friends who, over the years, gathered and recycled just about anything at all to construct the forms, structures, grottos, caves, galleries, living pods and gardens that comprise the Southwest's most stunning site-specific art installation.

The non-profit's caretakers, Tracy and Ryan, are working with Yavapai County to acquire permits to allow the public access; meanwhile, they work on funding to secure the land and preserve the site. Originally "leased" to Michael and Leda, the 3-plus acres on Oak Creek became home and sanctuary to the artists, who lovingly worked the landscape in a manner reminiscent of Simon Rodia's Watts Towers in Los Angeles.

Driving into the site and onto the grounds of Eliphante is surreal - the Oak Creek must first be forded, and then you walk onto softly-rolling hillocks of moss - or is that some desert grass? No, it's the much more prosaic "astro turf" that blankets the entire site, forming a pseudo-lush Alice's Wonderland playground.

The various buildings on the site are called HippoDome, Eliphante and Pipe Dreams, all surrounded by freeform sculptural works, ponds, out buildings, sinuous walls, benches, swings, lights, and pathways. A charming story-tellers nook, a mini amphitheater of stones and tiered astro-turf plinths, is announced by a playful shovel-cum-signpost.

Experiencing the partly-underground spaces is otherworldly - chilly, quiet and infused with a celestial light from the stained glass, soft burlap folds and refractive mylar overhead. Walls are obsessively-detailed friezes of mosaic, marbles, glass, stones, wood blocks, mirrors and branches. Passages wind back on themselves. Doors are hidden, surprises abundant.

The eclectic history and cultural significance of Eliphante have elevated Cornville to the unlikely status of art Mecca.

~ Jacques Laliberté

Source: http://poprocketpress.com/main.asp?SectionID=3&SubSectionID=28&ArticleID=259
Eliphante Limited's 2011 Annual Report is now available for download in PDF, with a file size of ~ 19MB.

This year's annual report segments are:
On-going Goals and Objectives,
President's Overview,
General Report,
Supporters of Eliphante,
Volunteer Recognition,
Docent Programs,
Campaign Committee Callout,
Special Events Committee Accomplishments,
Fiscal Report,
& Ways of Giving to Eliphante, Ltd.

Help Eliphante this November! Make a daily visit to the Refresh Eliphante site or text 109937 to 73774 and you'll cast a vote for Eliphante to be awarded a grant! Top 10 +1 at the end of the month gets funded!

You can even vote twice a day by both voting online & texting!

Download our card sheet by clicking the image above, then share and remind your friends!

Some friends recently visited Eliphante and shared their experience and some photos on their blog!

Check it out:

Check out the photos that were caught by local Verde Valley News photographer: 
Verde Independent - Photo Gallery: Eliphante Geniuses Day 2011

Thank you to all who made it out, and we hope those who didn't get the chance, we missed you and hope to see you at our next fest!  Here's a video moment of the party, thanks to Debbie Attias.